On this site you will find all the New Release/Sales Notes from Harmonia Mundi UK Distribution downloadable as PDF files.

Use the Navigation bar above (just below the large harmonia mundi distribution logo) to explore the site.

New release/sales notes from November 2009  can be found by scrolling down the right hand side bar to the ‘categories’ and choosing either Jazz & World or Classical and the relevant month release.

A list of our distributed labels can be found under either “Classical” or “Jazz & World” on the navigation bar.

For any queries use the following contacts:



020 8709 9500

One Response to About

  1. Whilst hmuk is a distributor, indeed ‘filliale’ of harmonia mundi, it is not a production centre. All such decisions are taken, based on sales, from our head office in France. Many titles are reissued at a lower price on musique d’abord or hmgold but it is not physically practical to keep everything in th ecatalogue, sadly.
    Spotify is a good source of free music if you want to listen but not download.
    Thanks for letting us know your views, though.
    The new website has launched:
    harmoniamundi.com – & it will develop as the year passes with a specific UK webstore

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