On this site you will find all the New Release/Sales Notes from Harmonia Mundi UK Distribution downloadable as PDF files.

Use the Navigation bar above (just below the large harmonia mundi distribution logo) to explore the site.

New release/sales notes from November 2009  can be found by scrolling down the right hand side bar to the ‘categories’ and choosing either Jazz & World or Classical and the relevant month release.

A list of our distributed labels can be found under either “Classical” or “Jazz & World” on the navigation bar.

For any queries use the following contacts:



020 8709 9500

4 Responses to About

  1. harmonia mundi is not ‘just’ a label but also an award-winning distributor. hmUK is a filliale of hm international and editorial decisions are taken, based on sales, from our head office in France. Many titles are reissued at a lower price on musique d’abord or hmgold but it is not physically practical to keep everything in the catalogue. Check out itunes for many titles that are not available physically; Spotify is a good source of free music to listen but not download, as is deezer. Dedicated hm app: http://www.deezer.com/app/127855.
    Check out harmoniamundi.com for details of current catalogue and new releases.

  2. jamesxinxlondon says:

    Any chance of setting up a library of .pdfs of booklets from old CDs? I just downloaded from Amazon.co.uk the Cavalli Serse, and would love to read more about the recording. A libretto would be superb, of course.

    • best to try harmoniamundi.com for hm resources. There certainly was a full libretto when first published. As this is the nearest we have to a B2B site for all our labels in teh UK you will appreciate just how small a team and how few resources we’re able to flaunt :-)

  3. not from UK sorry – some are available on harmoniamundi.com

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